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Mathematical Reasoning

Understanding Algebra 1

Seventh to Ninth Grades / Grades 7 to 9

Understanding Algebra 1
Understanding Algebra 1

This book is a one year Algebra course for students in grades 7 to 9.

Topics Covered:

Students who have a solid algebra background will have no trouble with the algebra problems on assessment test. This student book highlights vocabulary and notation, and has examples from the history of math.

Understanding Algebra I presents the most essential concepts and skills needed to fully understand and gain confidence in algebra in a step-by-step fashion, teaching students that algebra is generalized arithmetic. It helps students see the connection between mathematics that they already know and algebra, so that learning algebra becomes easier and less abstract. This book provides students with real strategies to succeed in solving word problems by using charts and translating strategies.

• 384 pages
• Full colour
• Paperback
• Reproducible for home or single classroom use.
• Instructions and Answers are included in the book.